Inhalation of Solace

Empowering Life Through Visual Imagery.

Inhalation of Solace was first conceptualised as a poem and then written for the screenplay.

A lit cigarette can be seen being used, as it ashes towards one end.
Two familiar fingers claw the stick of the cigarette, disengaging the inhalation of solace,
flicking residual ashes off the half-dead cigarette.
The cool zephyr that embraces the night, gets clouded by the dark grey, mephitic fumes,
as it seizes the interior's ventilation, capturing the air that protects us.

The short film, Inhalation of Solace, talks about a habitual smoker, bound by the chains of personal difficulties, and the impact he has on his surrounding presence. I did not want any dialogue as I wanted to use visual storytelling to show the story. I believe that oftentimes, there is so much more said in the unsaid. This short film was produced, shot, and edited within 24 hours.​​​​​​​

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